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Birch water

Organic birch tree sap

Birch water is the sap directly tapped from the wild birch tree. It is a traditional drink from Eastern Europe, known for its detoxifying and revitalizing properties.

The sap is slightly sweet with a silky texture.  Birch Wtr is A refreshing, organic drink that simply makes you feel great.

With Birch Wtr we offer three flavours Original, Rosehip and Nettle.

The process

Straight from the tree

During the summer the birch trees store essential minerals and vitamins in their roots, including manganese, a primary element of detoxification. These vitamins and minerals are the nutrients that rejuvenate the tree in spring, also proving to be healthy for you and me.

At the beginning of spring, during a short period of approximately two weeks, the trees absorb water from the soil. This water is enriched and filtered, by the tree to produce sap for the coming period of growth. This is when we tap a fraction of this pure and refreshing sap for you to enjoy.

Our story Drinks by nature

With Birch Wtr we strive to offer an alternative for common sodas and sport drinks, which often contain excessive amounts of sugars and additives. The birch tree itself produces Xyliton – a naturally sweetened juice – allowing for a fresh and natural taste.

Birch Wtr is a sustainable drink never diluted with water, without added sugars and without anything artificial. We use an herbal organic infusion of dried nettle and rosehip for flavouring, allowing for nature to exemplify the purity of the product.